Patrick Pizzuto, Artist
Becky Mann, Burlington Day Director

Patrick Pizzuto at Mass Advocates Standing Strong Conference
Artist Patrick Pizzuto at the Mass Advocates Standing Strong Conference, October 2019

Patrick has been attending Communitas since 2009 but says he has been creating art as long as he can remember. He has used many different mediums in the past, including colored pencils, watercolors, and modeling clay, but most recently Patrick has been painting on celluloid film. Patrick has an interest in cartooning, so he did some research into how some animation is made. He found that many historic animated movies and cartoons were painted on celluloid film.

“I am a cartoon artist and I love selling my artwork. Recently I had an art table at the Mass Advocates Standing Strong 21st Annual Self-Advocacy Conference. I sold 7 art pieces! I also met another artist there, he was selling his art too! Selling my artwork made me feel happy! I’m proud of my artwork and I am glad to share it with others.”

Drawing the characters out is normally step one. Then, he paints the subjects in these pieces on the backside of the celluloid film, so he is actually painting in reverse.

Therefore, he has to change his thinking on the order in which he paints the piece. The first thing he paints is what would normally be the finishing touches.  After completing the subject, he then paints the background on canvas and attaches the film to the canvas.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of Patrick’s pieces can contact Becky Mann, the Director in our Burlington Day Program.