Individualized, family-centered services, programs, and support

Successfully caring for a loved one with developmental disabilities requires a strong, reliable partner who is there to provide moral support and guide you through the necessary steps in securing the right services and programs that fit your unique set of needs.

Communitas Family Services

Relationships, guidance, growth

With over six decades of experience providing assistance and strengthening families’ capacities to support family members, we are experts in providing pertinent information, advocacy, help with the procurement and coordination of in-home support, and coordinating networking opportunities.

Every family relationship we have is built on open, one-on-one communication, focused on relieving the stress of caregiving and enabling individuals to successfully live with their families across their lifespan and in their community.

You’re not alone

Communitas support groups meet regularly, providing an opportunity for families to come together and share common experiences in raising children with special needs. Groups range from caregiving throughout the life span to focusing on older caregivers supporting seniors.

Each year we offer topic-based groups based on interest from parents that we support.