Promoting independence and maximizing potential

Communitas offers three Day Programs located in Wakefield, Burlington, and Beverly that provide a broad spectrum of service models geared towards individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our programs support participants through a creative approach that teaches meaningful and essential skills for everyday living and independence.

Our culture is passionate, upbeat, and positive, where every person is valued and encouraged to meet their maximum potential through classroom and community-based activities. All environments are clean, safe, and supervised by a professional team of experienced and qualified staff.

Creative Expression

Our philosophy at Communitas is to encourage a dynamic approach to learning, that is thoroughly engaging and allows for individuals to express themselves in many creative ways. Activities include participation in dancing and movement, photography and painting, craft and jewelry design, and video making. All individuals who attend our day programs can be part of various art initiatives that include both individual and collaborative pieces of work that are showcased each year at our Annual Art Show.

Tailored to individual needs

Multiple service models provide activities that focus on each individual’s needs. Each service model is dynamic and serves as a series of stepping stones to meet goals and reach potential.

Activities are measured and reviewed regularly to ensure that they are progressive and emphasize social and safety skill development.

Day Services work

Career Services and independence

Career Services are provided for individuals interested in job opportunities, volunteering, internships, and exploring vocational options. Communitas partners with community businesses who offer work opportunities in Group Supported Employment.

One-on-one coaching and support are available for Individuals who are work-ready and gainfully employed.

Some of our employers include:

Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) are provided for those who are interested in learning about vocational opportunities. This includes visiting job sites, vocational skill-building, and gaining community connections.

Specialized Groups


Communitas supports individuals with more complex needs who receive a wide variety of services.

Individuals with higher needs work in smaller ratio groups to allow areas of learning that include sensory and communication skills. The use of technology and adapted sign language are a part of the individual’s plan. This model operates within a set of daily activities that are more structured and scheduled.

Communitas “UPWARD” program supports individuals who have Autism without intellectual disabilities (ASD no ID) Social skills, self-advocacy, daily living skills, and creative expressions are all significant components to this model, as a way to enhance interpersonal skills

Older Adult Group

Our Older Adult Group, located at our Wakefield Site, supports participants who are heading towards retirement and are looking for a slower pace in life. Some individuals in this group may have become less independent with respect to their mobility. Maintaining skills related to communication, memory, and assistance with personal care needs are essential elements of this fun group for individuals.