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Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities

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Specialized Groups Or Career Services

Communitas offers Day Program Services in Wakefield, Woburn, and Beverly, which support adults with developmental disabilities and Autism and provides a large number of activities designed to promote life skills. We bring a positive behavioral approach to assist in developing independence, by working toward personalized goals that are based on each individual’s needs.

Our culture is passionate, upbeat, and positive; every person is encouraged to meet their maximum potential through classroom and community-based activities. All environments are clean, safe, and supervised by a professional team of experienced and qualified staff.

Encouraging Creative Expression

We have a dynamic approach to learning by thoroughly engaging and allowing for individuals to express themselves in many creative ways. Activities include participation in dancing and movement, photography and painting, craft and jewelry design, and video making. All individuals who attend our day programs can be a part of various art initiatives that include both individual and collaborative pieces of work showcased each year at our Annual Art Show.

Members of our Woburn Day Program share the importance of art and creative expression.

Tailored to Individual Needs

We have multiple service models that provide activities to focus on each individual’s needs. Each service model is dynamic and serves as a series of stepping stones to meet goals and reach potential.

Specialized Groups

Life Choices

Of our Communitas Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities, the Life Choices Model is one of our most popular. Available at all three program sites, the Life Choices model focuses on Activities of Daily Living, where individuals can work on life skills relating to safety and social skill development. Participants can also participate in Service-learning and volunteering opportunities, making this model both community and classroom-based.

The Lighthouse Group

Our older adult group is known as the Lighthouse Group; built around sustaining skills acquired throughout life. The Lighthouse model incorporates mobility supports, personal care, community outings, and weekly activities to practice motor skills. Although this is catered for an older population, we accept younger adults into this program as well.


There are several Autism Programs that exist within Communitas Day Services, including our Voyage group in Wakefield and Journey group in Woburn. These Autism Programs have a more structured schedule of activities with an emphasis on communication and sensory needs. The use of technology, sign language, verbal prompting, hand-on-hand techniques, and picture boards can all be used to assist in learning.

The Upward Program

The Upward Program is built for individuals who have autism without an intellectual disability. Our unique Autism program allows participants to design both their program environment as well as the preferred activities of learning. Staff assists in mentoring participants to make life and skill decisions while enhancing social skills. The Upward Program provides opportunities to network socially, develop friendships and create new relationships. In some instances, volunteering and work opportunities may be included.

Career Services employment - Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Promoting Independence with Career Services

Career Services are provided for individuals with developmental disabilities who are interested in job opportunities, volunteering, internships, and exploring vocational options. Communitas partners with community businesses that offer work opportunities in Group Supported Employment. One-on-one coaching and support are available for individuals who are work-ready and gainfully employed.

Integrated Groups

Integrated Groups are designed to provide support to those who prefer the option of attending our Day Program’s Life Skills learning, as well as opportunities to participate in vocational services.  This model incorporates a split schedule throughout the week; individuals can participate in both Life Skills and Career Services. The Career Services component of Integrated Groups provides four areas of support that are interchangeable and can be used as stepping stones to progress with vocational skills.

Individual Support

One-on-one coaching and support are available for Individuals who are work-ready or gainfully employed. One-on-one job seeking and coaching takes place by using personal profile career plans. When an individual is successful in finding paid employment and sufficiently skilled at their position, hands-on support will fade out – but oversight of progress will continue to be monitored for overall work support.

Community Based Day Support

Community-Based Day Support is available for those who are interested in learning about vocational opportunities. This includes visiting job sites, vocational skill-building, and gaining community connections. Examples include certified training opportunities in money management, or developing safety skills in the home provided by local firefighters at a Sheriff Department.  

Group Employment

Our Group Employment Program supports a number of individuals in paid employment opportunities with staff on-hand to support group-based work. Communitas has partnerships with a number of companies that provide Group Employment opportunities to our Communitas Career Services. 

Some of our employers include: