In place of a public Open House event, we are now offering an online Virtual Tour of our Woburn Facilities!

To kick off 2020, Communitas announced the opening of our Woburn Day Program! What was once the Burlington Day Program moved to brand new facilities created in Woburn, and due to Covid-19, the new facility was never able to host a public open house.

Rachel Pothier, Communitas Woburn’s Upward Lead Instructor and resident techie, created virtual tours of our program. There are two virtual tours available that fit the entire building.

Click Here to Tour the Right Wing

Click Here to Tour the Left Wing

Use the arrows to move throughout the facility, and click on the picture markers to see detailed photos. Use the keyboard arrows or mouse (hold down left click and move mouse back and forth) to scroll through the room to find the next arrow to move about the building. Enjoy!

If you’re looking to see more from Woburn, check out our Day Program Facility photos that can be downloaded for Zoom Backgrounds.

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