Eric Frustaci has an infectious smile and laugh with a great sense of humor. He also has a never-ending list of work ideas. These ideas stem from a curiosity in the search for meaningful work. Eric never brings negativity or obstacles he may face into the discussion when sharing his work ideas. He pictures himself working at the job because he either likes something about it or it is achieving his goal. His can-do attitude is refreshing. As an around-the-clock advocate for people with disabilities, Eric’s work ideas often include spreading awareness of the capabilities of people with disabilities in the workplace.

“I like to encourage people to do the right thing by doing things for themselves to be more positive”.

Born in Naples, Italy, Eric arrived in America in 1990 and could only speak a few words of English. After arriving, he finished high school and became fluent in English. That’s right, Eric is bilingual! Learning English has served him well during speaking engagements. Eric has facilitated presentations to Wakefield Day Services on topics of human rights and to increase understanding and respect for people with disabilities. He has also participated as a facilitator for New Hire Orientation in the past.

Eric has a long list of occupations and volunteer activities on his resume. He has been a painter, activities assistant, assembler, and a stock / sales associate. He’s also worked as a file clerk, bell ringer, library assistant, clerical assistant, and patient visitor. One of his favorite jobs was working as a sales clerk at the Snack Shack at the Hall Memorial Pool in Stoneham. Among his latest work ideas, Eric would like to become involved in Veteran services. When asked about his reasons for working with Vets, Eric replied that he likes to work with people in general.

“Working with Vets is a way to show gratitude for what they did for their country; for serving their country”.