As we continue to navigate solutions during this Covid-19 pandemic, one of Communitas’ efforts is to concentrate on continuity of program operations moving forward. While we are unable to provide site-based programming, we have a solution via online day programming.

What is our online programming?

Communitas will offer online learning lessons via the online meeting interface Zoom. Program participants will be able to engage in organized daily programs and activities; including morning and afternoon meetings, fitness, social skills, and the continuation of developing life skills.

Lessons will be open to all in program and accessible by email invitation. Participants do not need an account to be in a Zoom session; recipients are able to join Zoom lobbies by opening an active link that will be provided in advance.

If you are interested in Zoom sessions, contact your program participant’s Day Program Director. Invitations to these sessions will be sent privately via email.

Beverly Programming – Week of 5/25

Tuesday (5/26)Wednesday (5/27)Thursday (5/28)Friday (5/29)
10amMemorial Day – No Zoom TodayMorning MeetingMorning MeetingMorning MeetingMorning Meeting
12pmJeopardy Labs – Social SafetyMoney SkillsChair Yoga, Wii DanceFun Friday Trivia and Wii Game Show
2:30pmAfternoon ReviewAfternoon ReviewAfternoon ReviewAfternoon Review

Wakefield Programming – Week of 5/25

Monday (5/25)Tuesday (5/26)Wednesday (5/27)Thursday (5/28)Friday (5/29)
9:30 am Morning MeetingMorning MeetingMorning MeetingMorning MeetingMorning Meeting
12:30 pmHealth & WellnessHealth & WellnessHealth & WellnessHealth & WellnessHealth & Wellness
2:30 pmAfternoon ReviewAfternoon ReviewAfternoon ReviewAfternoon ReviewAfternoon Review

Woburn Programming – Week of 5/25

Monday (5/25)Tuesday (5/26)Wednesday (5/27)Thursday (5/28)Friday (5/29)
10:00 amClosed for Memorial Day Weekend Morning Announcements & Morning Meeting Morning Announcements & Morning Meeting Morning Announcements & Morning Meeting Morning Announcements & Morning Meeting
12:30 pmReal Talk: Your Human RightsCommunity Safety Q&A with Firefighter BrianZoom in the Kitchen! Cooking and Kitchen SkillsFun Friday! Name that Tune!
1:30 pmCareer Services Lesson: Spending and Saving MoneyCareer Services Lesson: Q and A: Self Care in the PandemicCareer Services Lesson: Brain GamesCareer Services Lesson: Spin the Wheel: The Five Senses
2:30 pm Afternoon Review Afternoon Review Afternoon Review Afternoon Review

Communitas is offering Recreation activities to our Communitas audience for free! Below is the schedule and link to sign-up.

Recreation Programming – Week of 5/25

Monday (5/25)Tuesday (5/26)Wednesday (5/27)Thursday (5/28)Friday (5/29)
6:30 – 9pm6pm – 7pm4pm – 4:45 pm4pm – 4:45 pm8:30 am – 9:15 am
Memorial Day – No Recreation todayTik Tok Dancing ClassNature AdventuresTall TalesBreakfast with Rec!
6pm – 6:45 pm6:30 – 8pm
FitnessKaraoke Night!
Click here to register for Recreation Programming!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online meeting space accessible through computer, smartphone or tablet. If you have a microphone and camera on your device, instructors and others in the session will be able to see and hear the person. You do not need a camera or microphone to participate. No matter what the technology, participants can still engage through typing, hearing and viewing respectively.

How can I use this service?

Each program will have a Zoom account. Communitas instructors will be able to schedule and live-stream lessons/activites for individuals to actively participate in. For each week, a schedule will be e-mailed in advance. Links to join these programs will be sent via email alongside the schedule directly and privately. Every day, we intend to have two to three lessons/activities per program.

Our services are essential services. As such, we have a commitment and responsibility to be open and available, especially at times of crisis and great need. Our work is essential, and our commitment is to do it in the safest, most effective way possible.

To best prepare, please contact your site’s Program Director if you are interested in these lessons. For any questions, please contact Communitas Day Services Director, Neil Wyatt, at . Thank you all for your continued support and patience!

Program Directors –
Cara Duggan,
Nicole McEachern,
Becky Mann,

For help with Zoom, this is their support page.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our CEO, Paul Cote, at .