Last month our Woburn nursing staff shared some important ways to keep ourselves safe on social media. What we choose to share on social media is always our decision, but what others choose to do with our information may not always be in our control. Here are a few tips to keep in mind and use to maintain safe boundaries and shield ourselves, the best we can from those that wish to scam us or be mean.

Know how to block and filter content.

Blocking unsafe websites, or websites that you might find upsetting, can be an important part of keeping yourself safe on social media sites. If you are not sure how to do this or when, seek out assistance from someone you trust.

Personalize your privacy settings

select options that limit who can view your information. Most platforms have security pages – check them out!

Pause before posting!

Before posting something, ask yourself if you are comfortable sharing this information or picture with everyone that may see it. Content that contains personal information such as where you live, where you keep your money should not be shared without much thought or discussion with a trusted family member, staff, skills instructor, or friend. You should also not post pictures or information about other people without their permission. You may think it is private… it is not… everything posted is out there and can be found if searched.

Look before you click!

If you get a suspicious sounding message or link from a friend/business through social media, like “please help me by buying gift cards , scratching off the backs and sharing the numbers” or claims that your data has been breached and you must share your social security or other private information… DON’T! These are scams. When in doubt… talk with a with a trusted person to verify request. NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION OR SEND MONEY based on an internet or social media request.

Challenge this month:

Turn off social media and/or television one hour before going to sleep at night. Studies show that doing this helps us sleep better. Try it for a few days and see if you feel refreshed!