November 30, 2021

DDS and Communitas are piloting a new Intensive Flexible Family Support program for young people ages 16 through 24 and their families. Every year DDS transitions hundreds of young people from the special education system to the adult service system.  Transition is a complex and multi-faceted program that starts with a 688 Transition referral. It includes applying for adult eligibility, SSI, examining guardianship and supported decision making. This can be an important part of deciding what is best for the young adult in their family as they move from the special education system to the new world of adult services, including Day programs and self-directed services.

Judy SantaMaria, Director of Family Services, stated, “Our new Transition Coordinator will assist families as they move through this process.  Becky Mann has moved to Family Support to take on this new position.  She brings with her extensive knowledge of Day Programs and the adult service system as well as her creative and dynamic work style.”

Becky Mann stated “I will be so sad to leave the Woburn Day Program, but I am happy that I will still be with Communitas- an agency that truly does amazing work.”

Director of Day Services Neil Wyatt, when asked about Becky’s transfer, responded, “Becky has worked at Communitas for approximately 10 years. She began her time with us as a Skills Instructor and later as the Assistant Director.  She has been the Woburn Day Director for 7 years.  Becky’s time at Communitas is an excellent example of how we can promote and invest in the personal development of staff within Communitas.  Not only by stepping up with a promotion but by offering and using their transferrable skills across agency Divisions.  Although we will miss her within day services, we are excited for her to take on a new role with some new experiences and new challenges.”

Becky will work with 10 families at a time assisting them through the transition process; connecting them with resources, and offering networking and education and training opportunities.

For more information about this Intensive Flexible Family Program, please contact Family Support Services via our Contact Us form. You may also call the Family Resource Center at (781) 587-2204.