Sheel Muni was recently honored by his employer, Winchester Hospital, for 21 years of service. Sheel, who joined Communitas Career Services in 1997, began working at Winchester Hospital Food Services Division in 2001. 

Our Career Services program offers employment-readiness learning, as well as one-on-one coaching and support for individuals who are work-ready or gainfully employed.  Folks enrolled in this program may be part of a skills learning group, or an employment exploration group.  They may then graduate into individualized job support services.

At this point in Sheel’s career at Winchester Hospital he is independent and doesn’t need Job Coaching.  Once a month the Career Services team will follow up with Sheel and Winchester Hospital, just to check in.

When an individual is successful in finding paid employment and sufficiently skilled at their position, hands-on support will fade out – but oversight of progress will continue to be monitored for overall work support.

“He’s always on time and looks his best.  They truly value Sheel as an employee”

Nicole Boudrow, Wakefield Day Services Director, says that Sheel, “has come a long way and is such a hard worker.  He loves going to work.  He is always sure he is on time and looks his best. They love him at Winchester Hospital and truly value him as an employee”.

Sheel is also supported by Communitas to live independently in the community. Nancy Holleran, Independent Home Supports Coordinator, says that Sheel was proud to be an essential employee, working throughout the pandemic. “Sheel takes his job very seriously, and it is important to him that he is always punctual and always dressed well for work.”

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