Vivian just recently moved from New York to Massachusetts. She is new to this area and unfamiliar with her community.  She lives in an Assisted Living facility in Malden and attends most of their scheduled activities throughout the day.  Her sister lives close by and is an integral part of her life. This is Vivian’s first experience living on her own.

Be prepared to be charmed and always have a smile on your face when working with Vivian.

Vivian would like to work with someone who can assist her to become more independent. A Mentor would support Vivian to run errands, shop, and advocate for herself.  She loves crafts, eating out, and learning about new things.  Vivian also wants to connect with other peers within In-Home Supports. This will support her to create new friendships that can be fostered with the help of her staff.

It’s a part-time job with a lifelong impact.

Vivian is looking for approximately 5 hours of support throughout the week. She wants two hours of support scheduled on a weekday morning, and three during the weekend where she has more flexibility. To apply for an IHS Mentor position, please visit our Career Opportunities page. Or contact HR Associate Tanner Moquin at or 781-587-2242.

A long history of empowering people

Founded in 1954 and formerly known as EMARC, Communitas has a long track record of advocating passionately while compassionately delivering services for people with disabilities that expand opportunities, empower people, support independence and enrich lives. Our In-Home Support program is a supported living service offered at Communitas; our dedicated staff of mentors assist individuals to live independently in apartments located in Wakefield, Reading, North Reading and Saugus.

Individualized for independence

As part of the DDS-funded In-Home Support program, individuals and their roommates (alongside their Mentors) are responsible for planning their daily activities. This includes managing transportation, medical services and social engagements. Individuals regularly engage in a variety of stimulating and therapeutic activities that build cognitive, physical and social skills. We teach core life skills and responsibilities, including money management, personal health, career support and community relationships.

Commitment to our people

Communitas is committed to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their community.  By eliminating barriers, expanding opportunities and supporting independence, we empower our people to lead full and meaningful lives.  Communitas is an agency of abilities, empowering people and inspiring dreams by erasing barriers, expanding opportunities, supporting independence and enriching lives. Our dedicated employees recognize the importance of self-determination and advocate passionately for each individual – so everyone has a choice and a voice.