The LifeSaver Award Program is part of the Employee Appreciation Committee’s efforts to recognize and highlight people who work for, or are affiliated with, Communitas. Any employee, volunteer, individual we support, family member, vendor or any other person or organization affiliated with or doing business with Communitas can be nominated for the LifeSaver Awards. Basically, anyone who is part of our Communitas family is eligible for nomination! And anyone can send in a nomination!

You may wish to nominate a co-worker who has been creative in working through an issue, or exceptionally helpful in some area. Or you may wish to nominate an individual who has been working hard toward a personal goal. Perhaps a family, vendor or other stakeholder has show exceptional commitment during a difficult time, or who has taken on an additional task. All of these would be excellent reasons to nominate someone for the LifeSaver Awards.

Congratulations to the first quarter 2022 LifeSaver award winners! Congrats and thanks for all you do!

Carline Leone, Direct Support Professional, Relief – Submitted by an Individual living at Hopkins Street. “She is a very nice staff; she makes good food. That I love. She treats me kindly. She’s very helpful. She reminds me to take my medications.”

Angela Chery, Direct Support Professional, Haven Street – Angela is great at all she does! She helps everybody and is willing to assist the staff in whatever they may not know or maybe have forgotten. Angela is friendly and always knows what to do!

Nicole Boudrow, Director, Wakefield Day Services (nominated twice!) – Nicole is a positive and passionate person to work for and makes our workplace feel more like a home. She inspires us to be creative as employees and as a program. She’s a supportive and honest Director that is empathetic to her team. Her motivation and strive for excellence are contagious and makes everyone else want to work just as hard. I can truly think of no better role model as a leader than Nicole Boudrow. When she recently headed up all of Wakefield Day Services, we were all grateful for her leadership!

Anna Cerminara, Lead Skills Instructor, Woburn Day Services – Anna has been a lifesaver for Woburn. She runs 3 zoom sessions a day for remote participants, which keeps them engaged members of our Program. She has gone above and beyond with training staff the ins and outs of how to run remote sessions as well!

Toniea Coleman & Hadijah Adam, Assistant Program Directors, Main Street – Rockstars!!! These ladies have been a huge asset to Main Street, especially in the absence of the Program Director. They have stepped up, running the program while it had COVID, as well as no heat, fire alarms going off and everyone remaining home from program. They tackled everything that was thrown at them and did it with smiles and laughs. Both being Assistant Directors, they acted as the PD and made sure all the things that needed to get done got done as well as organizing, cleaning and getting ready for QE. Thank you for everything you do for the program and the individuals in it! The program is lucky to have you!

Laura Monahan & Draga Djordjevic-Gilroy, Nurses, Woburn Day Services – Submitted by a Woburn Participant. “thank you Woburn Communitas help all health and safe Laura Monahan great nurses keep all health and safe thank you” and “Woburn Communitas nurses do great work Laura and Draga great nurses help me all my friends Woburn Communitas thank you Woburn Communitas nurses for your hard work”

ReAnnah Morrison, Assistant Program Director, Water Street – Thank you ReAnnah for all your help! ReAnnah had stepped up to the plate as the Haven APD and floated to Village and Water throughout the past months to help fill shifts and assist with things needing to get done. She has been a huge asset to residential, especially when certain programs needed staff. All the ladies and other staff have loved working with her! Thank you for your help and positivity!!!

Michelle Jones, Skills Instructor, Woburn Day Services – How does one do a good job? Be willing to lead any group and do any task! What is a great way to become part of the team? Team build! Michelle surprised her new peers one morning with a feast!! Food brings people together! Michelle has demonstrated that she is a hard worker and eager to work with the participants. Her meal demonstrates she is not just here to do a job but to stand out and to connect!!

Adam Jackson, Assistant Director, Woburn Day Services – Adam is enthusiastic about his work. He is responsible for much of the administrative work to keep the program running, but can often be found walking around the program checking in with individuals and staff. He cares deeply that all are cared for fairly and that the work environment is a positive place to be and makes attempts to improve moral daily. How? One way is playing [good spirited] practical jokes and good spirited teasing “ there will be no fun happening today!” He makes participants laugh every time!! Participants that may typically be quiet and docile perk up at the sight of Adam, wondering what he is going to say or do next!! How does he boost the morale of staff? Why with bacon of course… bags of bacon and donuts. But seriously, he also boosts morale by always having time for everyone, a listening ear, and willingness to jump in and lend a hand!!

Joanna Torres, Program Director, Haven Street – Joanna not only runs her program but is always willing to lend a hand with anything else to be done. She will put herself into ratio at her program to float other staff to programs who need them. Joanna will run around helping other programs get tested, pick things up from programs and deliver to items to the office, whatever is needed she is there to help! Thank you, Joanna, for all you do for Haven and residential as a whole!

Tim Foley, Job Developer, Career Services – Nicknamed “Papa Tim”, he has the aura of a fatherly figure at the program. He always has tools in his desk or car to fix anything in a second! He is amazing with the individuals and helping them learn the skills they need to be successful. Tim has been a necessity to Career Services, and we are so appreciative of him!

Do you want to nominate someone for the LifeSaver Awards?