Wakefield Day Services is reorganizing! We have moved to more closely align with Day Services structure in our Beverly and Woburn Day Services programs. With the recent departure of Nicole McEachern, who previously managed the Wakefield Day Hab program, we took it as an opportunity to look more closely at the structure of our entire Wakefield Day Programs. Previously, Wakefield Day had been divided into two separate programs,. However many Day Hab and Career Services participants were active in both programs. This could make things a little confusing for both participants and staff!

Now both programs fall under the leadership of Nicole Boudrow. Nicole was most recently the Wakefield Career Services Director. But before that, she actually started her Communitas journey as the Day Hab director. Bringing these programs under the leadership of one director will undoubtedly make for better communication and enhanced Day Services experience!

“I am beyond thrilled to have Nicole B as the leader of our program. She is a positive, professional leader. It is evident that she loves the participants and often you can find her in the classroom working with group members. She shows respect for all Communitas team members and engages in open communications to grow our programs. Nicole leads by example and I look forward to the growth of Day Hab and Voc programs with her on board!” Christine Spelman, PT Consultant

We are thankful to Nicole for bringing her combined Communitas experience in both Day Hab and Career Services to this timely and productive reorganization of our Wakefield Day Services program!

Communitas offers Day Program Services in Wakefield, Woburn, and Beverly. Supporting adults with developmental disabilities and Autism, we provides a large number of activities designed to promote life skills. We bring a positive behavioral approach to assist in developing independence. Subsequently, we are are working toward personalized goals that are based on each individual’s needs. Communitas Day Services has multiple service models that provide activities to focus on each individual’s needs. Each service model is dynamic and serves as a series of stepping stones to meet goals and reach potential. These programs are funded through the Department of Developmental Services and MassHealth.