Coming on the cusp of the holiday season, Wakefield Day Program performed their adaptation of Why The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The play featured singing, an original script and a home-made set. Room 14’s rendition of The Grinch came with a message; that we should celebrate our differences!

The Grinch leaves Whoville because of how the Who’s treated him. When they accept The Grinch and like him for who he is, his heart grows three sizes larger.
            The story follows The Grinch as he arrives at his parents’ house, and later during his time in elementary school. In school, The Grinch is picked on because he made a special ornament for the person he loves, Martha May. His classmates pick on The Grinch until he retreats to Mt. Crumpet.

            After 30 years, The Grinch decides to do something about the holiday cheer in Whoville and all the Who’s that picked on him for being different. When they celebrate him for being different, the Grinch learns the meaning of holiday cheer. Audience members raved about the play, saying “I thought they did a great job acting, they should do another play!” and “The show was awesome!”

            Wakefield’s Ian Margeson wrote and orchestrated the play. “This was my first ever experience writing producing and directing a play. It was nerve racking at times, but was overall one of the best experiences I’ve had. I am very new to this field, but have very quickly found myself a home and career. Being able to work with these individuals has been nothing short of rewarding. Everyone played a part to make this first play happen. Everyone from the beginning was very excited to put on a play, not only about the Grinch, but centered around bullying and its effects on our spirit.”

It was a team effort that took practice and hard work in order to craft a wonderful show. Individuals from Room 14 practiced Why The Grinch Stole Christmas for weeks and crafted the set with help from Kristina in Room 10, Sean Cusack and Patrick of Communitas’ Woburn program, among others. “I am so proud of all their hard work with painting and making the set, to reading their lines at a proper volume and being in front of easily 50 people.”

Ian was quick to say he has plans in the works, “I really look forward to the next play. I plan to do a musical and expand it to the other integrated room.”
            To end the show, the actors asked everyone to celebrate in an original song of holiday spirit. It was a perfect way to end the performance, and a wonderful way to encapsulate the spirit of the holiday season and the spirit of Communitas, showing we are better together.

“Everyone from the beginning was very excited to put on a play, not only about the Grinch, but centered around bullying and its effects on our spirit.”

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