The Communitas Peep Contest is a yearly Communitas event; when Easter season comes around, people and groups create displays featuring Peeps (the Easter Candy).

Featured below are a number of submissions from program participants, staff and friends and family of Communitas. Vote for as many Peeps as you want, as many times as you want! Voting closes on Friday, April 9th.

Want to see larger pictures of our Peeps? Check out this link on our Facebook page.

The Pink Room Peeps
Peeps … In Space
Schitt’s Peeps
Peeps at the Beach
Home is Where You Put Your Flamingos
The Green Room Peeps
Peepback Rides
Peeps Fairy Garden
Range Heights Peeps
Food Network Star Peeps
Peeps Garden
Albion Street Peeps
Peeps Stay Connected
Camalama Jammers
Together at Last – Peep Family Reunion 2021
Cam & Keith – One on One!
101 Peep-mations
Where Dreams Come True
World Peeps – Unity in DIversity
Peep Burgers
Peep King

Thank you for participating! Please continue to stay tuned to our website for more happenings at Communitas!