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Families Living with Autism


Diane Fitzpatrick joins the Family Support Center, as the new Autism Specialist for people who are newly eligible through the Omnibus Bill.

Please let me share a little bit about myself.

I have taught in various classrooms across most grade levels in both general education and special education. My most recent years in special education have been spent in both a middle school setting and in an intensive learning preschool setting. My students in both settings had ASD. I am also the mom of the most wonderful son with ASD, who turned 24 last month. During the past several years I have also worked as a certified nursing assistant and have helped many individuals stay in their homes, despite their medical needs. 

I am very excited about this new experience and thank you ahead of time for how enriched I know my life will become, as I get to know you, learn from you and help support you in many ways

Contact Info: 

Diane Fitzpatrick

781-587-2310 (direct line)

781-587-2311  (fax)