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Specialized Services

EMARC at the Reading stop

Communitas has several specialized groups that focus on individuals who have unique and/or special needs. Each of these groups are supported in a day habilitation setting but also receive a supplemental funding via DDS.

Autism Groups

There are two different models connected to our autism groups. At our Reading site we focus on individuals with high and more intense needs. Communication is paramount with this group and the use of technology and adapted sign language is incorporated into an individual's learning and daily activity. A concrete and consistent daily schedule is required. Individuals in this group are usually supported via lots of prompting and hand on hand techniques. The “Journey program “is our second Autism Group that is based in at our Burlington Site. The model here is similar to our Reading site however here participants have a more varied schedule of activities that include some community trips. A set schedule is important for activities that are adapted to meet communication, exercise and sensory needs. Individuals in this group usually have lots of energy where movement is a vital component to the day.

Older Adult Group

Our Older Adult Group is also located at our Reading Site and supports participants who are heading towards retirement and are looking for a slower pace in life. Some individuals in this group may have onset dementia or Alzheimer’s and may have become more fragile with their mobility, communication and personal care needs. This is a fun group where individuals participate in activities such as Bingo, community trips, dancing, bowling on the Wii, Daily exercise regimes, scrap-booking and Quiz Time for the Brain are all part of the weekly schedule.