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Life Choices | Day Habilitation Services

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Our "Life Choices" Program model is geared toward individuals ages 22+ who prefer to be in a day habilitation setting where the focus is to develop key life skills that foster and promote independence in every day life. This model is community based and funded fully by MassHealth.

Individuals are divided into groups of varying abilities to work on rotating themes including daily activities of daily living (ADL’s), independent living skills, personal growth and interpersonal skills, safety skills, health and wellness, and cooking skills. Instructors use a wide variety of rotating curriculum and projects that are hands-on and interactive, catering activities to the interests and needs of the individuals.

Each morning, groups begin with a meeting in preparation and review of the day’s events with a sequence of stretching and physical movement exercises. Groups are scheduled a different theme or set of skills to work on each day and always are encouraged to incorporate community involvement and engagement within different activities. Individuals are assessed by our consulting clinicians (OT, PT, speech and language & behavior) and given Mass Health goals to work on in conjunction with these service needs areas. In the afternoon individuals participate in an Elective program in which groups rotate each week between electives such as music, environmental studies, global studies, health & wellness and art where creative expression is at its finest. The day ends with a thirty minute period of afternoon review and relaxation where mindfulness techniques are explored and individuals are given the opportunity to review the events of their day. Groups are encouraged to access the local and surrounding communities as often as possible and enjoy lunches out every other week and a fun community trip once per month. Favorite activities include bowling, picnics, nature walks, visiting the library, and trips to local shops & parks. A 3 day minimum requirement is required for participation.