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Integrated Services (Combined Day Habilitation & Career Services)

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Individuals who participate in our new Integrated Day Services model are offered services that include both day habilitation and vocational services.

The day habilitation component spends time being dedicated to a meaningful day of curriculum that can marry itself to vocational goals. Individuals will participate in role model exercises and simulated experiential learning that focus on many different independent living skills. These would include travel training, home & money skills, problem solving skills and appropriate socialization, to name a few. During the day, groups continue to work on their Mass Health personal goals but also participate in a creative way of learning catered to the various needs of the group dynamic.

These are individuals who have split funded services – day hab supported by Mass Health while time in vocational services (CBDS or individual supports or group supported) is funded by DDS. Participation within integrated services requires a five day a week attendance minimum and is contingent upon number of spaces available, as special accommodations for individuals with intensive clinical needs are limited. Acceptance is reviewed annually and individuals must demonstrate a strong desire to actively participate in work/volunteer related services, and have resources or means to get to and from program and/or job site. Individuals typically spend two to three days in our integrated day services and two/three days in CBDS and/or at their job sites. Job coaches can only provide support during programming hours.