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Career Services

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Career Services program offers a variety of community engagement and functional skills building activities that foster independence in the realm of pre-vocational and vocational training and is funded by DDS only.

Individuals may participate in community based day services (CBDS) groups in which various pre-vocational activities are scheduled, encompassing themes such as workplace & community skills, life skills and safety skills. Groups also have the opportunity to participate in daily volunteer activities within the surrounding communities and enjoy promoting meaningful relationships with community partners and businesses. Some of our popular volunteer outings include packaging and delivering lunches for Meals on Wheels, library volunteering, sweeping and trash pick up at the Stone Zoo, working at Chip in Farm in Bedford, and cleaning at the First Congregational Church in Wakefield.

Group Supported Employment is available to some individuals who have the necessary skills to be able to participate in current ongoing enclave work, where there is an opportunity for Individuals to engage periodic community based paid work. Communitas has partnered with various businesses who offer work opportunities for group employment. Some of the partnerships include: Dog Watch Inc. Strega Restaurant, Eagle Air Freight Company, The Mayo clinic and The Friends of Mel foundation. 

Individuals who are work-ready and gainfully employed may participate in individual vocational employment supports in which vocational staff provide 1:1 job coaching and supports. Resume building, interviewing skills and techniques, visiting job sites and support on the job are included within this service, with the goal of fading job supports once the individual exhibits competence in completing job tasks to employer standards. Follow up supports for the gainfully employed are offered with weekly and monthly check-ins promoting maintenance of current skills and further employment independence.


Communitas Networking Outreach Committee is looking to add members. We meet one hour once a month to network, brainstorm, discuss job opportunities for job-seekers at Communitas. If you are interested in joining for one meeting or ongoing, or you’d like to discuss other ways you can help, please send email to or call our Job Development representative at 781-587-2572 . Thank you!

Communitas is a community partner with Work Without Limits, a network linking employers with jobseekers, whose goal is to increase the employment rate of people with disabilities.