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Upward Gallery – Woburn Communitas Upward Program

“Who am I? I am the most genius artist.  My story is probably quite unique, or it may seem, but the truth is probably somewhat troubling. In the beginning of my life, I started out just fine.  At least I expected it to be like that.  Whether I was enjoying my good self, or finding time to manage the teasing of my youth, I always turned to art.  Whether it was my pleasures or my envisions, nothing went right.  I was definitely down to earth at the start of my life.  And worth, no doubt, making friends was just impossible as I was harassed or even taunted. I was well protected by my own family, but it was hard to put up with. 

Yet, what people did not know, is that my own way of drawing and creating would one day change all that! And this way I would be able to find a better start for my life.  Yet it didn’t start so easily. By my teens I had figured out how to get some things done and put pieces into place.  It was still difficult to figure out my ideas but by the time I graduated, I had already collected myself and got it in my head to draw better images.  Though I had been nearly cut short for a long period and after a bit of encouragement, I had managed to get back to my roots.  And until someone hires me for my potential career I’m still in need of a going start. This is how a great being like myself has more genius than anyone can see. And though their misjudgment may seem doubtful; they’ll realize that I’m the one that will get the laugh in the end.“


By: Matt B.

In the beginning there was the sea of Nun.
From Nun came the god Atum who thought himself into existents.
Atum created a place where he could see all of the world.
But Atum was alone at the start so birthed two more gods.
From Atum’s breath came Shu the god of the air, from Atum’s spit came Tefnut the goddess of moisture.
Atum gave them the task to create the world and the mortals that live on it.
Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Geb the god of the earth and Nut the goddess of the sky.
At first the two were close together but Shu pushed Nut into the heavens, there she would remand arched close to Geb.
Nut gave birth to the sun god Ra and made rain fall on Geb to create life the earth, each evening she swallow the sun and each night she rebirthed it.
Nut gave birth to four other gods, Isis the queen of the gods, Osiris the god of justice, Set the god of evil and Nephthys the protectress of the dead.
The world was still in chaos, once Shu and Tefnut got lost and Atum sent the all-seeing eye to find them.
When they returned Atum was delighted and wept tears of joy, as they touched the earth the creation of humans came, and they held order to the world.
From this day, the land would become what we know as Egypt.

What is the Upward Gallery?

Our Woburn Upward Program has begun Upward Gallery – where we will be sharing the artwork from our Woburn Upward Program as a means to showcase the wonderful talents and projects of Upward members on a bigger scale. To learn more about the Upward Program, visit our Upward Page.

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