Employee Appreciation Committee
October 2019

Congratulations to our 3rd quarter Life Saver Award recipients!  Thanks for all you do!!

Ruth Clogston, Case Manager, Wakefield Day Hab

Ruth consistently reviews forms as they are completed and provides very useful feedback to ensure that forms are concise, easy to understand, non-duplicative, and that they provide meaningful information in a way that furthers the mission of her program and of the agency.  Thanks for being a life saver!

Kathryn Muhammad, Assistant Program Director, Woodcrest Drive

Kathryn is a life saver for not only going above and beyond at her own program, but also with providing support at other programs. Kathryn recently started helping at the Water Street program due to some staff being out. Kathryn has been helping not only the staff at the program but also helping to train the new APD and bring some stability to daily routines. Kathryn has made the ladies excited about certain events over the weekends and has been helpful with everything!

Alyssa Fisher, Assistant Program Director. Beverly Day Services

Alyssa has been bending over backwards since this past summer to be a support to everyone in Beverly. While the Upward program grows, she moved her office down to that space so she is readily available to help manage the group, run activities and support staff during difficult moments. While doing that, she has maintained her workload and her day to day oversight and interactions with Life Choices. She makes sure she checks in on each classroom and instructor at least once a day and continues her supervisions to ensure that they continue to feel supported and able to go to her with any issues at any time. Alyssa is maintaining so much and it is noticed and appreciated by everyone!

April Stout, Skills Instructor, Burlington Day Hab

With years of knowledge and wisdom, April truly cares and wants to see our participants succeed. Currently there is a participant in our vocational program needing a little additional encouragement and support. April is astute in keeping an eye on them, encouraging them to increase their independence and provide a mentor type role/relationship. She always puts the individuals needs first!

Carline Gomez, Direct Support Professional, Relief

Carline is an amazing asset to Newcomb Ave and the agency! Carline has on several occasions recently dropped whatever she may be doing in her own life to provide support to Newcomb.  Carline is always willing to step up and do what needs to be done for the ladies. She brings her spunk and fun to each shift she works! She loves the joy that the individuals bring to her and that she in turn she brings to the individuals.

Nashia Robinson, Direct Support Professional, Relief

Nashia has put in the time and effort to get one of our individuals up and motivated every shift at Newcomb Ave. She has taken this individual to find volunteer work at the animal shelter, to the mall to see the puppies, Connors Farm, bowling, out for picnics at the lake etc. She has helped this individual find her pep in her step again. When Nashia is at the house she is always a positive and an upbeat ray of sunshine.  Nashia has the heart to make a difference in the individuals lives that she serves. She is self-motivated and always looking for ways to help.

Nicole Boudrow, Program Director, Wakefield Career Services

Nicole recently switched over to Career Services. She’s a great boss and an outstanding leader. She leads by example, never lets her staff down and always takes time to listen. Nicole’s outlook, positivity and humor really makes Wakefield Career Services an enjoyable place to work. Career Services is in good hands because of Nicole and we are so lucky to have her!

What is the Communitas Lifesaver Award?

The LifeSaver Award Program is part of the Employee Appreciation Committee’s efforts to recognize and highlight people who work for, or are affiliated with, Communitas. You may wish to nominate an employee who has been creative in working through an issue, or exceptionally helpful in some area.  Or you may wish to nominate a person we support who has been working hard toward a personal goal.  Perhaps a family, vendor or other stakeholder has shown exceptional commitment during a difficult time, or who has taken on an additional task.  All of these would be excellent reasons to nominate someone for a LifeSaver Award.

Who is eligible to win a Lifesaver Award?

Any employee, volunteer, individual we support, family member, vendor or any other person or organization affiliated with or doing business with Communitas.  Basically, anyone who is part of our Communitas family is eligible for nomination!

Who can nominate someone for a Lifesaver Award?

While we anticipate that employees will be making most of the nominations, anyone affiliated with Communitas may make a nomination.

How can I nominate someone for a Lifesaver Award?

To nominate someone, simply write a short statement (one or two paragraphs) which explains why you feel they should receive additional recognition and send it to the Employee Appreciation Committee.  There are two ways to submit your nomination:

  1. Send an e-mail to lifesaver AT CommunitasMA DOT org,
  2. Send your nomination to Employee Appreciation Committee at the Main Office (Communitas Inc, ATTN: LIfeSaver, 60-D Audubon Road, Wakefield, 01880)