Congratulations to our LifeSaver Award Winners for the fourth quarter of 2021!  Thanks for all you do! 

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April Stout, Lead Specialized Skills Instructor, Woburn, Day Hab
April always puts others happiness before her own. She works hard to be sure that our participants have something to look forward to while in our program. She’s always so happy here no matter what her outside life looks like! April is smart, goofy, caring and an all-around life lover!

Angela Chery, Direct Support Professional, Haven Street
Angela has been such a great help at Haven Street! She continues to support her co-workers, agency staff, the individuals, the Assistant Program Director and Program Director.  She is always willing to go the extra mile, come in early and help any way she can. We are truly grateful to have her as part of the team at Haven. She is greatly appreciated!

Becky Mann, Former Program Director, Woburn Day Hab Submitted by a Woburn Day Hab participant
“Becky Mann great Director. At Communitas Woburn like Becky Mann smile laugh Make me happy Say hi to me morning time Thank you Becky Mann for your hard work on zoom. Thank you, Becky Mann.”

Rachel Pothier, Specialized Skills Instructor, Woburn Day Hab Submitted by a Woburn Day Hab participant
“Thank you so much Rachel for your hard work. On music. And name that tune. Love it. Thank Rachel  Communitas Woburn  for your hard work on zoom. Thank you so much for Rachel  Communitas Woburn  make me smile laugh.   Great staff. Thank you, Rachel.”   

Michelle (Mimi) LaCortiglia, Health Care Coordinator, RN. Wakefield Day Hab
Mimi has quickly become a valuable member of our team!  She is always upbeat and positive and is creating meaningful relationships with all our participants (and staff)!

Bill Doyle, Driver/Maintenance, Beverly Day Services
Bill drives one of the transportation routes in Beverly and works on the maintenance team. Without Bill the Beverly Program would not run as smoothly as it does. Bill is reliable and goes above and beyond when connecting with individuals.

Liz Groves, Skills Instructor, Beverly Day Services
Liz always comes in with a pleasant attitude and calming demeanor. She has really stepped up in covering groups when staff are out and never complains when responsibilities are added to her plate. We’re so happy to have her!

Stefan Dufresne, Assistant Program Director, Wakefield Day Hab
Stefan welcomed me with open arms back to the program and has been very helpful answering my questions and making sure I am doing ok and not having any problems. He is very supportive to the staff and genially kind to staff and the individuals we support.

Heidi Ehrenfried, Program Director, Adult Family Care
AFC has been without a director for several months and stepping into this role is a big responsibility. Heidi is always willing to help and is open to new ideas and suggestions.

Kirsten Kuhns, Skills Instructor, Beverly Day Services
Thank you, Kirsten, for all you do as an instructor! You are a true Lifesaver!

Sarah Hemingway, Program Coordinator, Residential Services
Sarah deserves a LifeSaver award because of her kind-hearted ways. She is always there to answer questions for the staff no matter how minor the question is. She is very supportive to both the ladies and the staff. No matter what the situation is you can always count on her to be there and be supportive.

Jerry Edmunds, Skills Instructor, Beverly Day Services
Thank you, Jerry, for your exceptional assistance with technology in a time of great need!  Thanks for being a LifeSaver!

Melissa Arvilla, Skills Instructor, Beverly Day Services
Melissa is a long-time staff member who always comes into work with a lot of energy and the ability to work with anyone and everyone. She has really stepped up this year to help while we’ve been understaffed. Melissa is always willing to train new staff coming in as well as cover for any staff who are out. Thank you, Melissa for all that you do!

Kenny Lowell, Case Manager, Wakefield Day Hab
Kenny goes above and beyond daily, always making himself available to support our team!

Nicole McEachern, Program Director, Wakefield Day Hab
Nicole makes everyone want to come to work by being supportive and making it a fun, relaxing atmosphere to come to every day. She truly cares about everyone we support and incredibly supportive of the staff!