Communitas is proud to host a screening of the Intelligent Lives movie.

RSVP is required due to limited seating, please call 781-587-2210 or email Laura Diemer to reserve your spot today!
You can also reserve your space on our Facebook page by clicking the event link!


  • Tuesday, September 10th
  • 60-D Audubon Road, Training Room
  • Doors open at 5:30p
  • The movie will start at 6p, and it has a 70 minute run-time.
  • After the movie, we’ll have a short period for discussion, and then we’ll be done by 7:30 pm.

INTELLIGENT LIVES movie stars three pioneering young American adults with intellectual disabilities – Micah, Naieer, and Naomie – who challenge perceptions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college, and the workforce. Academy Award-winning actor and narrator Chris Cooper contextualizes the lives of these central characters through the emotional story of his son Jesse, as the film unpacks the shameful and ongoing track record of intelligence testing in the U.S.

The INTELLIGENT LIVES Movie is a catalyst to transform the label of intellectual disability from a life sentence of isolation into a life of possibility for the most systematically segregated people in America.

INTELLIGENT LIVES is highly relevant to:

  • Parents and other family members
  • Self-advocates
  • Schools and colleges
  • Businesses
  • Young adults (middle school and older)
  • Provider-agency staff and stakeholders
  • Everyone in the community

The INTELLIGENT LIVES film and the Opening Doors campaign can help our community shift attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and advocate for broad-based systems change.  Together we can create a world where everyone belongs, anyone can achieve, and each person plays a meaningful role. Communitas is proud to be airing this film. For more events, check our Events Page.