Burlington Communitas 4th Annual Flamingo’d! Fundraiser Comes to a Close!

Becky Mann, Burlington Day Services Director
and the Flamingo Removal Technicians

“Flamingo’d” is a fundraiser special to the Burlington Communitas team. It became an annual summer tradition starting in 2016 and has generated considerable success in the years following. “Flamingo’d” is more than just a fundraiser; it is an opportunity to involve not only the people Communitas serves, but also the friends and family of those who enjoy the program. Burlington staff pick an individual’s family to start the chain, then will take a group from Day Services to go and place the flock, of all colors and abilities, on the lawn.

From there, the individual and their family will decide who they would like to send it to next. To send it to a friend or family member, they will donate to Communitas. If they would not like to receive the flamingos again in the future, it is possible to buy annual “Anti-Flock Insurance.”

We are excited to announce that Burlington Day Services raised $1,085 during the 2019 Flamingo’d fundraiser! Thank you to everyone that donated and participated! We are excited to use the money toward fun activities and items for our program!

When asked what they liked most about “Flamingo’d”, participants of Day Services told their staff that it was fun and exciting. Their favorite parts of the fundraiser were taking pictures with the colorful flock of birds, wearing the “Certified Flamingo Removal Technician” badges, choosing who to send them to, and being sneaky and placing the flamingos on their friends’ lawns.

Current flock seeks “forever” home

After 4 years of Fabulous Flamingo’ing Fun, our feathered friends are ready to settle down! However, they have declined our offer to send them off to a retirement community in Florida.  They are requesting to stay with the Communitas Family!

These flamingos have done a lot of living in the past four years, but they are looking for happy homes that want to take them in. So, we have decided to have a raffle!  If you think you could give one of our flamingos a loving home, and would like to enter the raffle, please fill out the attached ticket with a $1 donation (or a donation of your choice) by October 3rd, 2019. You can send in tickets to Communitas (Attn: Becky Mann).  If donating by check, please make it payable to ‘Communitas’ (with ‘Burlington’ in the note section). We will pick the lucky winners on Friday, October 4th!  And have no fear, we plan to purchase more flamingos for our Flamingo’d fun next summer!

As always, thank you for your sense of humor and your support!

“Flamingo’d” is a fun way to get individuals involved in their program and community, and also a great opportunity to get our name out there for everyone to see.