Alyssa Fisher, Assistant Director, Beverly Day Services
September 2019

It all began in 2017, when the Beverly Day Services program started their annual Color Wars in each week in August. During Color Wars Week, Director Cara Duggan assigns the 9 Life Choices groups into 4 teams and plans four days of activities. The teams are Blue, Red, Orange and Green and the activities have included basketball, inflatable bowling, sponge relay, door decorating, team spirit, penny wars and bean bag toss. Each day of Color Wars the groups have an opportunity to gain points by wearing their team’s color, decorating their door with their color as a theme, adding pennies to their teams’ bins, and participating in the chosen recreational activity for the afternoon.

Color Wars has been a huge hit with the individuals and staff the past three summers. The door decorating and team spirit gets everyone working as a team and the recreational activities are just fun and a great way to get everyone excited and moving! On the last day of Color Wars, we have a big party and announce the overall winner and the winners of each event, and everyone gets a medal in an Olympic-style Ceremony. One of our favorite parts of Color Wars is that the team that wins gets to choose a charity to donate all of the money raised by the penny wars activity (which has been as much as $250 in years past).

This year the red and green teams won (in a historic tie for 1st!) and donated the money to the Jimmy Fund!