November 2021

When Roger Plourde, our Director of Residential Services, heard that the FDA and CDC had approved COVID-19 booster shots, he brought it up at a weekly Senior Leadership meeting. After discussion with the Division Heads, CEO Paul Cote agreed that Roger should reach out to Long Term Pharmacy Solutions.

Long Term Pharmacy Solutions in Lowell is a Communitas Community Partner and had co-hosted several Vaccination Clinics with us this spring. Roger contacted Pharmacy Ops Manager Michael Jones to see if they would be willing to host a Booster Clinic with us, and they agreed! Roger, along with Director of Day Services Neil Wyatt and Director of Family Services Judy SantaMaria, then began the process of reaching out to the people we support, their families, and our staff. Their task was to find out who wanted to take part in the clinic, determine their eligibility date, and then get them registered.

“As we learned in the past with making the vaccine available for the first time, it’s a great service for the Communitas family,” said Paul Cote, CEO. “Individuals, staff, and families were very pleased that we were able to partner with Long Term Pharmacy Solutions to take the worry and hassle out of getting this important preventive treatment.”

While several staff and families had already gotten their booster shot through their health care provider, most were eager to participate in the Booster Clinic. Judy SantaMaria said, “People were overjoyed. They feel very comfortable in coming here to get their vaccine booster.” Paula Thompson, Family Support Program Specialist, agreed, “Families were very excited. They see Communitas as their community, and they were glad they could get the booster shot within their community.”

Neil Wyatt echoed that sentiment, saying that families had told him, “We are so grateful for Communitas making this resource available for my daughter to be vaccinated in a safe environment that is very familiar to her. We so appreciate how this has made our lives so much easier.”

“Staff were excited to be able to get the booster shot so conveniently”, said Roger Plourde, “Families were also very appreciative that the people we support were able to get their booster shots in a very familiar environment.”

A total of 238 people were registered for the clinics which were held November 15th and November 18th at Communitas! If you weren’t able to pre-register for this clinic, check for additional clinics, or contact your health care provider. Stay safe, friends!

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