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About Us

Mission Statement


Empowering people. Supporting independence. Inspiring dreams.


Communitas welcomes, values, respects and supports people of all abilities. Our mission is to meet individual needs – whatever they are and however they change – while inspiring dreams. We advocate passionately while compassionately delivering services and programs that expand opportunities, empower people, support independence and enrich lives.

Core Values

Commitment to the our people: Communitas is dedicated to delivering individualized, family-centered services, programs and support for people of all abilities, across their lifespan and in their communities. We are inspired by and committed to our people as we meet their changing needs and create new pathways for growth.

Compassion for all: Communitas promotes compassion, equality, respect and community inclusion. We see people as people, and provide a place where everyone belongs, anyone can achieve and each person plays a meaningful role.

Individualized for independence: Communitas is an agency of abilities, empowering people and inspiring dreams by erasing barriers, expanding opportunities, supporting independence and enriching lives. Our dedicated employees recognize the importance of self-determination and advocate passionately for each individual – so everyone has a choice and a voice. 

Strength in teamwork: Communitas  develops effective teams by engaging individuals and families as well as community partners and stakeholders – and by truly valuing everyone’s contributions. We’re committed to employee training and education that advances professional development and enhances our ability to support the people we serve.

High standards in everything we do: Communitas strives to exceed the highest standards of regulatory compliance and fiduciary transparency. And we promise to provide a safe, inviting, accessible, comfortable and secure environment for all.